How to be in two places at once

On the ‘Trailer’ page of this blog you can see the first trailer for my one man feature film project. Half way through there is a scene where I get slapped awake by a hooded figure. The hooded figure is also played by me. Well of course it is, this is a one man feature film project after all.

This is the first example in the film of how I plan to have characters interact on screen whilst only using one actor. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend the film ‘MOON’ by Duncan Jones. In it the wonderful actor Sam Rockwell plays two very different characters that interact throughout the film. That film is one of my inspirations behind this project. I hope you enjoy what I have done so far and I hope you enjoy it enough to share it with your friends.

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Rapid storyboard

A friend of mine is a professional cameraman and he advised me that to make the best use of my shooting time it is vital that I prepare storyboards first. I can see the benefit because, even with these laid out there, I have found so far that there is still a lot more head scratching and moving cameras around than actual shooting going on.

Another friend is a professional photographer, he warned me that when it comes time to edit, these will turn to sh*t! I am sure he is right, but without these as a map I would be totally lost!

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I am in the local paper


It turns out that the chief reporter for my local paper lives just down the road from my shop (where I am making the one man feature film).

I have a small notice in the window telling people I am making a film and he saw it, called me up, interviewed me on the phone and wrote a wonderful story for the paper. Thanks Joel Cooper!

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Meet Robert

I have now started to create some of the characters of my one man feature film, their outfits and make and so on. Here in this video I have had a quick play at being Robert.

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The spider of the mind

Making a one man feature film takes a lot of time and organisation. In this video I explain how I keep track of everything, and keep my film project organised.

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My screenplay

After many months of writing my screenplay, I decided that I should read it before I started filming my one man feature. In this video I discuss I share my honest thoughts of my writing skills.

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Five magic beans

This video for my one man film making blog is purely for fun and practice. In my film there will be a lot of screen time with two characters interacting but both played by me, so this is some practice with that tricky concept.

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Siegy gets abducted

As a complete novice filmmaker I have read a lot of books and blogs to try and get some clue as to what I am doing. In this video I experiment again with playing two characters and at the same time share some of my sources of film making knoweledge.

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Total darkness

To make life a bit easier I have set my one man feature film in one room. But for reasons of convenience I need to be able to film at various times of the day and year without running into an continuity problems. In this video I show one of the ways I am dealing with that challenge.

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What is my film about

For this episode of my one man feature film making blog I have made a short film. In it I have tried to give a brief flavour of what my film is about. I have also made some quick experiments with acting with myself in the same film.

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